November 7, 2011

Oh The Places You Will Go

Dr. Seuss wrote, “You’re off to great places.  You’re off on your way”.  What a true and resounding statement.  Today I realized that I have visited..nay, experienced 18 countries.  From Asia, all the Americas, to Western Europe.  18 countries, that might sound a lot but when you think of it, it’s only 10% of the world.

18 countries.  10% of the world.  Only 90% more to go!

I don’t know about you but travelling is one of my passions.  It’s a way to experience and explore cultures you can’t normally experience while living in Ontario.  Yes, Canada is a multicultural country, a melting pot if you will, but walking around Little Italy in downtown Toronto is not the same as walking on the streets of Rome or Venice.  You don’t feel the same liveliness of the city, you don’t smell the same scents, you don’t hear the chatter of little children talking a mile a minute Italian, and you most certainly cannot taste the best Venetian cream pastry you have ever had while living in Toronto. 

Travelling is not only a way to experience a new culture or lifestyle, but it’s a way to enhance your own life as well.  Although I only travel for a short period of time every time I pack my bags, the longest was for 3 months, upon coming back home you not only feel different, but you also see things differently.  In my case, depending on where I go, I usually feel grateful for what I have in Hamilton…for all the possibilities and opportunities  that are available to me.  Then there are times when I come back and ask, “why am I back here?”, that‘s usually when I travel somewhere hot and return to…well the cold weather that is Canada.

If you go away, depending on your experience and length away from home, upon your return you may notice that you see things differently, that you have grown a bit and become more worldly.  I said it before and I’ll say it again, only because I know it’s true, travelling opens up your mind, your ideas, your views.  It makes you grow as a person!  It’s something that I think everyone should do, and do often!  I urge you to hop on a plane and truly immerse yourself in a new city or country.   Maybe the travel bug will bite you the way it bit me!

In the new year I’m packing my bags and visiting … nay, experiencing, four new countries and words cannot express how excited I am do be doing so.  So, in the new year, not only do I wish for you a happy, healthy and safe 2012, but I also hope that you pack your bags and experience somewhere new!  Happy travels!
18 countries.  10% of the world.  Only 90% more to go!