January 14, 2013

The List

Again, this list is a random collection of things I want to accomplish in 365 days, this is not a bucket list.  As mentioned earlier (post "My 365 Day Challenge"), all my "big ticket bucket list items" have already been crossed off my list, and these are things, as random as they are, are things I have always wanted to do/eat/see.

I'll write posts and take photos, even videos for some, so I hope you have fun keeping up with me as I will definitely have fun trying to cross these items off my list!


THE LIST (not in any particular order, and divided into categories):
1- do absolutely nothing
2- leave bed unmade
3- be silent for a full day
4- stop and actually smell the flowers
5- walk, just walk, in the rain without an umbrella
6- for an entire day pay for everything with exact change (even if that means carrying a ton of change)
7- break a plate on purpose, OPA!
8- kiss a stranger
9- fall in love at first sight
10- make an orange peel lamp
11- dress up and go grocery shopping
12- get shoes shined
13- travel with just the clothes on my back
14- hand carve a pipe
15- weave a basket
16- snorkel
17- hang out in a graveyard
18- build an Inuksuk
19- use a chainsaw
20- write on a bathroom stall door
21- go commando for a weekend
22- learn to bird call
23- learn to whistle with my hand
24- try a ridiculous cold remedy
25- crash a wedding
26- learn to tie knots
27- go curling
28- carve name/initials in tree
29- shower in a waterfall
30- make a paper crane
31- learn origami
32- light a match with teeth
33- try to do the 100m dash in less than 15 sec
34- try parkour
35- paintball
36- listen to experts and actually eat 5-8 servings of fruits and veges and have 8 tall glasses of water in a day
37- skinny dip in the moonlight
38- go on a road trip to somewhere new, at least 2 hours away
39- spend time at the humane society
40- climb CN tower stairs
41- make a snowman taller than me
42- ice skate on something other than a man-made rink
43- learn to play hockey
44- have a snowball fight with parents
45- have winter picnic
46- make an ice sculpture
47- learn the alphabet backwards
48- master juggling
49- do own backsplash in kitchen
50- play chess in the park
51- hand feed the birds
52- rock climb
53- ice fish
54- dont spend any money or have anyone buy anything for you for a week
55- dont wear makeup
56- babysit twins, with or without help
57- use a hotel gym
58- cliff jump from water
59- sleep under the stars
60- dance with a stranger
61- steal a kiss
62- volunteer at a soup kitchen
63- be a cheerleader for an entire race
64- have tea leaves read
65- get a group of people to volunteer for a good cause
66- stand up for something I believe in
67- be part of a protest/picket line
68- kayak
69- canoe
70- host a dinner party with only vegan treats
71- learn to read brail
72- archery
73- go around a corn maze
74- help plan a proposal
75- be a Bond girl
76- drive fast on a race track
77- drive an exotic car worth over $100,000
78- learn to stunt drive
79- fly a kite
80- fly a high-performance kite
81- shoot a .357 Magnum
82- ride a beach bike along the beach front
83- ride the back of a badass Harley Davidson
84- learn to ride a motorcycle
85- organize shoe closet
86- wear the clothes bought over 2-5 years ago 
87- play golf
88- catch a fish
89- learn to skateboard
90- learn to whistle with blade of grass
91- teach someone something
92- pack up and just go
93- find out what 1200 calories looks like and only eat that for the day
94- get twitter
95- belly dance
96- zoomba
97- dance alone
98- learn to play poker with the big boys
99- watch an entire TV series in one day
100- tell someone what you think of them without thinking of consequences
101- meet Toronto Batman at Dundas Square
102- cut down a Christmas tree
103- engage in a food fight
104- participate in an eating contest
105- eat with eyes closed and completely in the dark
106- spend an afternoon with a dog
107- learn to do a handstand
108- learn to back flip
109- back flip into water
110- relearn conversational French
111- meet neighbours
112- train for a half marathon
113- run a half marathon
114- do a ghost walk/tour
115- watch “The Godfather” movies
116- play a lawn sport 
117- paint something
118- help someone fulfill a goal
119- take a cooking class
120- buy the perfect plant for the home that has meaning
121- make something old new again
122- make art
123- go to a garage sale and find a gem
124- make a wreath for Christmas
125- buy a lovely lamp
126- make personalized plate/cup
127- enjoy a candle lit dinner
128- get abs, even if drawn on
129- implement double kisses for the year
130- watch “Play it Again Sam
131- start something that scares you
132- prepare and enjoy a 6 course meal
131- save a life
132- write a 30th Manifesto
133- be in a movie (and say words)
134- make a movie
135- go on a spontaneous trip
136- re-read the Bible
137- make a toast
138- drive at the speed limit
139- play bingo at a bingo hall
140- watch “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
141- give to charity
142- make own pepper spray
143- make own jewelry
144- be a matchmaker
145- photograph the four seasons from one point
146- walk on fire
147- donate blood
148- take up Qi Gong
149- run a 10k
150- learn to ready and interpret body language
151- form a band
152- jump in water fully clothed
153- throw a pie in someone’s face
154- have a pie thrown in my face
155- learn mahjong
156- learn how to throw a knife
157- master the tango
158- organize loose change
159- watch “7 Samurai”
160- have a family style dinner at home
161- train to do 3 chin ups in a row
162- learn how to get out of heavy duty handcuffs without keys
163- bake an egg on the pavement
164- learn to throw a punch
165- go to a flea market
166- speed date with girlfriends
167- play fetch with a dog
168- plant a tree
169- ask for a raise
170- make a cross out of a palm branch
171- pole dancing
172- relearn the hula/Tahitian
173- watch a foreign film with subtitles
174- go to a poetry reading
175- sneak into a movie theatre
176- read a classic novel
177- read a sports book
178- watch “Casablanca
179- watch “Gone With The Wind
180- go to the movie theatre alone
181- learn to be a wing woman, and help out a gal pal

1- make tofurkey
2- cook a meal from Antartica
3- bake a pie from scratch
4- flip something successfully in a skillet (eg. omelette, pancake etc)
5- do the cinnamon challenge
6- make art with food
7- make bread (baked often but never made bread)
8- make a strawberry cheesecake
9- make a gourmet meal from canned food
10- pickle something
11- make homemade pasta
12- make homemade pasta sauce
13- grow spouts
14- grow herbs (eg. mint, parsley)
15- have a good fight
16- bake a giant cookie
17- make vege soup for a cold winter`s night
18- shuck an oyster
19- make homemade hummus
20- pick fruit from the vine
21- bake a Christmas treat and give it to neighbours
22- learn to cook pancit
23- learn to cook adobo
24- bake a Guinness chocolate cake
25- make own pb cups
26- try Attic Pizza
27- have and finish the hottest of hot sauces at a restaurant on own meal
28- buy and eat something from a gourmet food truck
29- make vegan lasagna
30- make vege stock
31- eat a pickled egg
32- try a gluten free diet for a week
33- make kale chips
34- make curry watermelon
35- make Moroccan couscous stew
36- make a thanksgiving dinner 

1- make own wine
2- brew own beer
3- go to the Steamwhiste brewery
4- finally have one cup of coffee
5- try grapeless wine
6- do a wheat grass shot
7- make own dandelion tea
8- drink Yerbe Mate, in Argentina cup
9- make pine needle tea
10- find difference between red wines and document
11- find difference between white wines and document
12- try the 3 day water cleanse
13- drink wine at the theatre
14- drink whiskey at 40 Creek

1- start a book
2- write and publish a poem
3- write a song
4- get a pen pal and actually write and mail a letter
5- write a letter to the editor
6- write a letter with everything I want said, then burn it
7- mail a Christmas card to a stranger
8- write a letter to Juliet
9- write a love letter, send it or not
10- write a letter to Santa with niece/nephew
11- write my last will and testament

1- see the bells at Cathedral of Christ the King
2- ring the bells at Cathedral of Christ the King
3- get on the Hamilton harbor water (on a boat, on a canoe, on anything)
4-visit Devils Punchbowl/Lighted Cross
5- play slots at Flambourough Downs
6- Visit Osler House in Dundas
7- Listen to blues at Boon’s House 
8 - Club Absinthe
9- enjoy the local bands at This Aint Hollywood
10- visit Hamiltons oldest pub, Lionshead Pub
11- visit top waterfalls in Hamilton
12- go in all buildings on McMaster campus
13- bike/walk/do the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail 
14- Experience a film under the stars 
15- Visit Griffin House 
16- eat at the Harbour Diner (as seen on tv’s “You Gotta Eat Here”)
17- visit Ancaster Memorial Centre
18- be a Hamilton tour guide
19- sit down for a tea at the first Tim Horton’s
20- visit the Reptile Store
21- Enjoy the night at This Ain’t Hollywood
22- venture into Cootes Paradise
23- go to the Hermitage
24- visit Hamilton Club
25- see Ancaster’s Shaver Homestead
26- visit Enerals Griffin House
27- venture into Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum
28- have a drink at Remo Bar

1- go to the Toronto Zoo
2- visit the Scarborough Badlands
3- drive all of Yonge Street
4- summit something
5- go to a baseball game
6- be two places at once
7- get purposely lost

1- learn to play the guitar
2- learn a magic trick and trick someone
3- learn how to say  Hello in 25 languages
4- learn how to say “Thank you” in 25 languages
5- learn how to say I love you in 25 languages
6- have a spectacular 30th
7- unplug self for an entire day from cell phone, computer, and internet
8- walk in the shoes of another person to get their perspective
9- learn to build a fire with flint and tinder and keep it going
10- learn to fish
11- learn to pick a lock
12- change cars oil
13- learn a hair braid
14- learn to knit
15- knit something wearable
16- be completely honest for one entire day (think of the movie “Liar Liar”)
17- invest in future
18- listen to body
19- pursue passion
20- learn sign language
21- get a pedicure (ewwwwww)
22- master family native tongue, Ilocano
23- learn tagalong
24- find/ have a new face regimen
25- floss everyday
26- brush for 2 minutes always
27- master budget/finances
28- buy a tool kit

1- sit, listen, learn.  spend time with a family member don't normally spend time with
2- listen, learn and document Lolas story
3- remember, or ask family, about Lolos story and document
4- surprise a loved one
5- random act of kindness
6- send parcel to stranger
7- buy a stranger lunch
8- surprise someone
9- help an elderly person in anyway

1- sing in public
2- join a sports team

1-  learn to layer
2- wear leather dress
3- pull of vintage look
4- rock red lips
5- tights and sandals
6- make a dress and wear it
8- learn to do twiggy eyes
9- learn two new hairdos
You’ll notice I’ve only got 325 items on my list, and this is deliberate. As what I’ve learned, life always brings surprises, and with that said, I’m confident I’ll have opportunity to do 40 things not on my list; 40 things that are fun and new!

My 365 Day Challenge

A few days ago, my best friend sent me this link, 365thingsin365days.  Knowing the person I am, someone who is outgoing but shy, someone who is adventurous but timid, someone who will try something at least once, she thought I should do a similar project.  I agreed, and I am!

The 365 things you find on my challenge/experience/adventure list are things that I have yet to do in my life, or things where at one point I said "I'll do later", or things that freak me out (eg. getting a pedicure...I dislike feet) but will do!  They may seem simple, but that
s because Ive already tackled the big ticket items you’d normally see in other people’s “bucket lists”.  I’ve bungee jumped, sky dived, walked the CN Tower Edge Walk, Polar Bear dipped, done obstacle races, I’ve eaten bugs, been in love, bought my own place, travelled independently to various places in the world, been on a reality tv game show; I’ve done the big and the bad and I know the small and the useless.  But there are soooo many other things I still have yet to do, to eat, to see, to learn, to try.  Let me be clear, this is not a bucket list, this is just my challenge/experience/adventure list!

This 365 list:
- as simple and random as it is, is a list that will take me out of my comfort zone…I mean really, who wants to sing in public? Or have their feet touched by strangers?
- is a collaboration of things my friends and family suggested, and some items  are added with the idea in mind that they will be crossed off with these certain people :)
- was started yesterday, Sunday January 13, 2013 and will hopefully have everything crossed off by Sunday January 12, 2014
- is also a way to live my final 20th year in a fun and adventurous way and it will let me ring in my 3rd decade on earth with a fabulous bang!

My rules:
- to complete my 365 list!
- each day doesn't have to have something checked off it; I can check off more than one item off the list in one day

I’m looking forward to this year!!!  Aren't you?