July 22, 2012

Same Page. Different Paragraph

Glad to see I'm not the only one who has:

So many thoughts
So many feelings
Oh so many doubts.
So much hope
So many dreams.
Will they all work out?
I hope they all work out.

July 3, 2012

Cottage Life

During this Canada Day Long Weekend, I had the opportunity to go to a cottage by Perry Sound.  It was beautiful!  The cottage, the lake, the weather...everything!  Every morning I woke up early (internal clock gets me up at 6:37 on the nose, as that's when I get up for work) and made my way to the dock.  Here I sat by myself for a couple of hours just sitting, waiting, writing, wishing. 

This was my entry from Canada's 145th Birthday morning...
Room with a view
All This Beauty
Woke up on Canada Day in time to watch the sun rise come over Salmon Lake at the cottage I'm staying at for my mini-break.  I'm staying with friends and strangers (they're still sleeping...why wouldn't they be?  It is their vacation after all, and any sane person would take the opportunity too...but alas, I am up).

Sitting on the dock; my oasis.  The sun is already beating down on me, it's hot and it's not even 7 am yet.

The song on my iPod (playing softly as I try to immerse myself in the sounds of nature) is fitting.  "All This Beauty" by The Weepies. 

"Cause all this beauty
You might have to close your eyes
And slowly open wide
And watch the sun rise"
Gorgeous sunrise
I look around; the water is calm, still and cool with lily pads on them, there are tall lush trees surrounding me making this place seem secluded and I welcome the seclusion, the loon and other birds are making noise in the distance - as if calling one another and wishing them a good day, a frog behind me croaks to remind me that he is still there, like the night .  Nature, mother nature, is truly beautiful. 

All this beauty, celebrated and appreciated.  All this beauty in Canada.

My sanctuary: morning, noon, night
If only everyday can be like today

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