May 27, 2012

Iiiiiiiit's Show Time!

After months of prepping, these girls are taking the stage for tonight's main event...which I'm hosting!  They will all walk into the venue as a representative of their organizations; however, only ONE of them will walk out as the new Miss Fiesta Filipinas 2012, representing the Hamilton Filipino community.

Can you tell who will win by this one photo?
Two years ago I Directed the pageant and announced Elisha Ladeza the winner...
tonight I announce a new Miss

Photo taken on the Talent Night, which I hosted, on May 12, 2012

I've had the pleasure of meeting them and mentoring them and I know that even though there can only be one winner, they are all winners and will make the Hamilton Filipino community proud!

I'll be writing a post about The Importance of Being Involved in your Community soon, so keep an eye out!

But for now, it's time to wish us all Good luck and break a leg!

May 24, 2012

May 13, 2012

Dear 7 Year Old Me...

What would you tell your 7 year old self knowing what you know today?

This is what I would tell myself:  (enjoy the photos lol)
Beauty is everywhere

Accessories are key to any outfit
Especially for the LBD

Dance the night, every night, away

Playing dress up never goes out of style
Trying new trends is ok...pulling them off, that's another story

Family is everything

I'm putting two photos of us up
as these are hilarious

She's your #1 home girl

Mama knows best...even when you think she's wrong

You're never to old to play with toys

These girls will always, always, have your back

You're shy now, but you'll get over it!
You will actually like being in front of audiences
and being involved with the media

(Little Dancer: Abigail Santos, 7, from the Royal
and Tahitian Hawaiian Dance Troupe dances up a
storm during Levi Stauss' Multicultural Open House)
You can rock bangs...
You will break hearts...
Your heart will be broken (and you will be fine!)...
Success and failures go hand in hand...
Life is hard, but it's great!...
You are unique and that's fabulous...
and more importantly, you are pretty (inside and out)

 So, what would you tell your 7 year old self? 

May 4, 2012

11 Years Already?

11 years ago, today, I was a shy 18 year old girl freaking out about being on stage in front of hundreds of people in a swimsuit.  

Got your attention?

May 5, 2002 - Miss Philippines pageant

11 years ago tomorrow, I was a shy 18 year old girl who overcame those nerves and was crowned Miss Philippines - Toronto (PIDC to be exact and the first with that title).
Newly crowned Miss
I am shy.  I have always been shy.  To those of you who know me, I'm not lying ... I may be loud and confident now, but deep down, the girl inside is still shy.  I don't think I'll ever get over that - does anyone?  BUT the important thing is, I got over the nervousness, the stage fright, the idea of having people I know and don't know looking at me.  I got over it, I had too.  Being thrust in the spotlight does that to a person. 
Talent Portion - been dancing
since I was 7
I had no choice and on top of that, I had no formal training.  I was basically called up to stages in front of an intimate gatherings without preparation or knowledge and hoped to the good Lord that everything would go well.  I was told I would be the MAIN master of ceremonies for the largest Filipino festival in Canada without a clue as to how to MC anything!  I was told I had to dance and MC concerts with big name Filipino stars at sold out concerts without a) knowing who they were and b) what I was realllllly suppose to do.  But I did all of these, and more! 

The Q&A Portion aka
Make it or break it
This is what I was scared of...b/c I was shy!

I dove into everything that year head first!  Something scary before, but now, it's what I prefer to do :)   I was told I exceeded expectations and I learned to love everything about what I was doing in the spotlight.  Which is the reason I do what I do now.  Today I'm involved in many organizations as a communications consultant, event coordinator, media liaison, directress, and I'm even a sought out MC!

"And the winner is.....(longest wait ever).....Candidate #3"
To this day, no matter what I find myself getting involved in, I have my one year experience as a pageant contestant and a "Beauty Queen" to thank.  I don't know what type of person I would be today had I not gone through this once in a lifetime process...probably still that shy girl.  It may sound cliche, but it's true!

Rebecka 1st RU, Me Miss, Christie 2nd RU
Both fantastic and beautiful!!!
The organization that I have to give big props too is: Philippine Independence Day Council

The best girls!
During one of our many Monday night practices in Markham
*missing Kim

Awarding Portion...who will it be?
All of these women are beautiful, in and out!

The making of the swimsuit portion... 
  • Practice...I think we spent more time on the swimsuit routine then any other portion of the pageant
  • Pageant night: when it's your turn, take a deep breath, go out on the stage and own it.  Your  personality comes out best in this portion, so have fun!
  • Once everyone has presented themselves, get ready for the "routine".  We did our dance (did I mention we did a dance?) to J-Lo's "Aint it funny"
    • Dance with your partner
    • Dance with everyone
    • Take your sarong off (count to five)
    • all the while SMILING!
    • get off the stage and get ready for the next scary bit, the Q&A portion
Practice, practice, practice

Backstage behind the scenes: last min practice and last min prep

Working it

As much as ladies dread this bit, it was the best bit of the pageant

May 1, 2012

Mojo Baby

Psssst!  Guess what, this kid has got her mojo back! :)
Now let's be clear, when I say mojo I mean self confidence, self esteem...not Austin Powers' meaning of mojo = sex-appeal (I don't even know what that is...really, what is that???).  It's been a tough few months but all is well in Abi-land!  (great news eh?)

The new year didn't start off as grand as I'd hope (with exemption of my fantastic cruise) but through the ups and more downs, today, May 1st, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw someone I haven't seen in awhile, myself!  Something in the past month changed me.  I found my swagger, my confidence, my groove...and it feels wonderful!!!  I'm happy.  I'm me!