June 16, 2012

Sounds Like Music


"Just because you're not my enemy, doesn't mean you're still my friend. 
Just because you're not my family, doesn't mean that I won't defend. 
Just because you don't love me, doesn't mean that we can't pretend. 
For a night, tonight only, doesn't mean, that it has to end."

Wintersleep's "Ghost" from their latest album Hello Hum is just one of the songs that I look forward to listening/watching them play live at tonight's Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario.

This festival pretty much kicks off various concert festivals in the city and surrounding areas this summer.  These fabulous concerts allows music lovers of all kinds for a chance to listen to a number of musicians, bands, solo acts of various genres for free!  These concerts also allow them to be exposed to bands/groups that they wouldn't normally know of; while allowing for die hard fans to enjoy their favourite bands without having to shell anything out for a concert. 

Thanks City of Burlington for putting on this festival and having a pretty decent line-up!  Come one, come all!  No matter who is on stage, I can assure you, one won't be disappointed!  The ambiance, the location (right on Lakeshore), the sense of community, the music, everything...a trip to this festival is worth it!

Enjoy the sound of music!

June 12, 2012

20 Things I Should Have Known At 20

To go with my "Dear 7 Year Old Me..." post written in May, I read this blog today from The Buried Life and thought I'd share.  Though my twenties are coming to an end in a couple years (shhh don't remind me), these are still very much poignant points.

20 Things I Should Have Known at 20.
1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets, people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.
2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By the time they build the curriculum, it’s likely that the system is outdated– sometimes utterly broken. You both learn and get respect from people worth getting it from by leading and doing, not by following.
3. Read as much as you can. Learn to speed read with high retention.
4. Connect with everyone, all the time. Be genuine about it. Learn to find something you like in each person, and then speak to that thing.
5. Don’t waste time being shy. Shyness is the belief that your emotions should be the arbitrators of your decision making process when the opposite is actually true.
6. If you feel weird about something during a relationship, that’s usually what you end up breaking up over.
7. Have as much contact as possible with older people. The reason this is so valuable is because people your age don’t usually have the decision-making ability to help you very much. Also they know almost everything you will learn later, so ask them.
8. Find people that are cooler than you and hang out with them too. This and the corollary are both important: “don’t attempt to be average inside your group. Continuously attempt to be cooler than them (by doing cooler things, being more laid back, accepting, ambitious, etc.).
9. You will become more conservative over time. This is just a fact. Those you surround yourself with create a kind of “bubble” that pushes you to support the status quo. For this reason, you need to do your craziest stuff NOW. Later on, you’ll become too afraid.
10. Reduce all expenses as much as possible. I mean it. This creates a safety net that will allow you to do the crazier shit I mentioned above.
11. Instead of getting status through objects (which provide only temporary boosts), do it through experiences. In other words, a trip to Paris is a better choice than a new wardrobe. Studies show this also boosts happiness.
12. While you are living on the cheap, solve the money problem. Use the internet, because it’s like a cool little machine that helps you do your bidding. If you are currently living paycheck to paycheck, extend that to three weeks instead of two. Then, as you get better, you can think a month ahead, then three months, then six, and finally a year ahead. (The goal is to get to a point where you are thinking 5 years ahead.)
13. Learn to program.
14.  Get a six-pack (or get thin, whatever your goal is) while you are young. Your hormones are in a better place to help you do this at a younger age. Don’t waste this opportunity, trust me.
15. Learn to cook. This will make everything much easier and it turns food from a chore + expensive habit into a pleasant + frugal one.
16. Sleep well. This and cooking will help with the six pack. If you think “I can sleep when I’m dead” or “I have too much to do to sleep,” I have news for you: you are INEFFICIENT, and sleep deprivation isn’t helping.
17. Get a reminder app for everything. Do not trust your own brain for your memory.  Do not trust it for what you “feel like” you should be doing. Trust only the reminder app.
18. Choose something huge to do, as well as allowing the waves of opportunity to help you along. If you don’t set goals, some stuff may happen, but if you do choose, lots more will.
19. Get known for one thing. Spend like 5 years doing it instead of flopping around all over the place. If you want to shift afterwards, go ahead. Like I said, choose something.
20. Don’t try to “fix” anyone. Instead, look for someone who isn’t broken.

Written by: Julian Smith inoveryourhead.net

June 3, 2012

Listen to me, I'm older

Ten years.  That's how long I've been involved in Filipino organizations across Southern Ontario.  Ten years.

During this time I have worked closely with various non-profit Filipino organizations not only in Hamilton but also in Mississauga and in Toronto. My involvement ranged from being the Assistant Public Relations Officer, Master of Ceremonies, Event Producer, Choreographer, Director, and participant.  Throughout the years, as my responsibilities grew so did my passion to make our Filipino culture and heritage known to the mainstream Canadian community...especially to the youth.

Keeping our Filipino culture vivacious with the active participation of our youth is surely a challenge.  What youngster wants to hear an "oldie" (oye, I hope I'm not considered old) talk to them about their culture and why they should be proud to be Filipino?  Why would they want to give up their precious time with an organization (with other oldies) when they can use it hanging with friends or playing on the computer?  Yes, it's surely difficult to try to get youth involvement, but I love the challenge!

Motivating these young individuals to participate in an organization or volunteering during an event is, interesting, to say the least.  I try to be as creative with them as possible; finding ways that will hit directly home to them and hope to say something that will spark an interest.  As many participants I get, after the event, it's 50 / 50 really; some stay, some go.  But the most important thing is, some stay!

Currently I am the Press Relations Officer for the Philippine Canadian Association (PCA).  Through this organization I was able to get involved with a new project called, Fiesta Filipinas.  It's a one day event where various groups come together in a venue in Hamilton and hold a festival showcasing the amazing food, entertainment, art and culture of the Philippines.  The highlight of the Fiesta was a pageant. 

Two years ago I had the pleasure of being the Pageant Director (choreographer, MC etc) for this said pageant, Miss Fiesta Filipinas, where I met seven beautiful and talented candidates as well as entertainers.  In all my years of planning this type of event, I have come across many young women, but from the first meeting, I noticed this group was different.  Not only were they extremely diligent, they were also helpful with giving suggestions and on top of that, two years since the pageant, I can still always count on each and everyone of them to lend a hand during other Filipino community events.

This year, I had an involvement with the same pageant, but my role was slightly less all encompassing and time consuming.  This year I had the pleasure of being just the MC...

Again, I met seven fine young women who are a special group and it is my hope that one day they are going to be great assets to our Filipino community.  These young women  are what the Filipino community needs if we want the organization to strive in the future.  Their fresh ideas, talent, strong sense of community, their enthusiasm and hard working ways lets me know that not only do they enjoy being involved but that they will one day be great leaders.  With their help now and in the future, I am confident that they will impact our organizations' and that their own lives will be impacted by what they learn about those in the community and our beautiful country, the Philippines. 

Yes, I can try to encourage our youth as much as possible but I need YOU to do the same.  Talk to your daughter, son, nephew, niece, or friend to get involved in the PCA or take part in any Filipino group in their community.   We have to try to engage them now so that they can move the Hamilton Filipino community forward.

I look forward to working with people in my generation or younger. Just like me, you will be enriched by the experience and with the promise that you will not regret getting involved.

Ten years...and counting.