March 29, 2012

Raw. Day 36

Thirties...Wow, time has flown by!

Yes, it has been one week since my last post, I do apologize, but as I'm sure you all know, life sometimes just...happens.  My posts, although Pulitzer prize worthy, wouldn't have been all that different from my other ones.  I haven't tried many new recipes, restaurants, items since ... well, since a long time.  This will change, I promise!  I have a date to go to The Naked Sprout on Saturday and I'm so excited to try some new fantastic raw dishes!!!

So instead of stating what I've eaten, b/c I'm pretty sure you know, let me tell you what I currently want to eat...Everything!  
That's right, I want to eat everything!  When I'm at work I want to have the crackers, the chips, the sandwich, the plate of pasta that my co-workers are eating.  When I'm at home I want the bar of chocolate, bowl rice, steamed veges, the Snickers cake that my family are ingesting.  To be honest, I want to eat and drink anything and everything right now

My thoughts:  I'm getting bored of raw, I just want something warm and cooked in my tummy.  Although I allowed myself a cup of tea (if I have migraines), I haven't had a lovely cup of soothing green tea since Lent began, and I think that's what I miss most.  I usually end my long days with a cup of tea, I usually sit and talk to my friends over a cup of tea, I usually re-connect with my beau after a long week over a cup of tea. Tea, I miss thee
Energy level: Still 9 apples/10 apples.  I do feel good and light on my feet!

Stats:  I'm littler, and it's noticeable...sad to say but I'm in double digits...eeep!

March 22, 2012

Raw. Day 28.

Affinity.  Affinity on John Street Hamilton.  Went there to celebrate 8.5 years with Mr Man.  8.5 years, that's a milestone right?  Yay us!

Raw isn't really on the menu at this restaurant, other than salad and fruit.  But if vegan is what you fancy, then this is the place for you!  Soy, seitan, wontons, fritters, rice, noodles, sweet and sour, hot and sour, spicy...anything, Everything, they have! And everything is soo good! This place is heaven for vegetarians, and even meat eaters come out of the restaurant feeling full.  Try it out, you won't regret it!

(I apologize for the lack of photos and posts, life is a bit busy right now)

March 18, 2012

Raw. Day 25

3.  3 weeks until Easter.  3 weeks until this raw vegan lifestyle will come to an end.  I went grocery shopping today and going up and down the aisles made me see all the usual items I would normally pick up while at the grocery store.  Chips, dips, chocolates, cakes (cheesecake of course) and lots lots more.  Today while walking up and down the aisles I looked at them and thought, I don't need or want you.  What I picked up were now my usual suspects, fruit, veges, nuts.

What I ate:  Woke up somewhere other than my house this morning (it was St Patty's day last night), so my usual a.m. smoothie was switched to a pb sammy (I brought my bread with never know when you'll get hungry!).  Grazed on a handful of nuts in the day then had a wrap full of veges and beans for my post work-out dinner which I accompanied with a mango smoothie
What I drank:

What I wanted to eat/drink: Nothing but what I already ate/drank today
My thoughts:  Too many to mention right now
Energy level: 9 apples/10 apples
Stats: Tried on some clothes while out shopping today, the XS clothes I picked out were a bit big on me.  My Lola (grandma) also told me I look thinner to her...I assured her, since she's the type to always wants everyone to eat and the type to always worry, that I'm still the same weight as always

March 17, 2012

Raw. Day 24

Today is St Patrick's Day.  Normally I'd drink green beer and eat loads of fries, today will be different.  I'm going to the bar(s) but my after drink snack will be, salad.  Yay!?!? 

Please don't mind the short entry, there's places to go and green things to see.

March 16, 2012

Raw. Day 23

Promised you a food diary entry, so here it is:

What I ate: 
I had a fab mango smoothie (x2 actually since the mango was huge that I was able to cut it down a bit).  For lunch I had a wrap with fresh tomato and mango salsa.  Also fruit throughout the day.  
What I drank:
  Water and smoooooooothies (in this gorgeous weather all I need is a beach)

What I wanted to eat/drink: I'm pretty satisfied today
My thoughts:  "The sun is shining, the weather is sweet.  Make me want to move, your dancing feet" (Bob Marley) As just mentioned, it's beautiful outside, and it's the weekend!  I'm so happy right now :)
Energy level: I feel so much better than a few days ago.  I feel more like me.  I feel re-freshed!
: One of the skirts I wear to work is now a bit loose on my hips so I desived a clever way to wear it as a high wasted skirt
Raw wrap with a combo of fresh and fruit salsa
Took all two seconds to make
You remember the drill right?

March 15, 2012

Raw. Day 22

Running.  I have a love hate relationship with running.  Well...mostly hate.  I like running for fun. I like chasing my niece and nephew around, I like running away playfully as someone chases me, I enjoy trying to find alternate ways to run (below), I like running into a store before they close...but marathon running, good grief!  I am more of a sprinter than anything else...short distances, I can do.  But 42 full km?  Who puts their body through that?  And more importantly, why?  The most I ran was a 30k-er, for the Around the Bay Race - that was fun in a weird way.  And 30km is enough, I know for a fact I wouldn't have been able to do another 12 on top of that.  Although I know I don't particularly enjoy long distance running, I know exercise is KEY to any healthy lifestyle.  Carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, rawist, whatever you are, you must exercise to truly feel good.  I know you know what I mean, so why should I try to persuade you to believe me?  So, I won't.  That's my post about exercising.

So, knowing that exercise is a key factor to healthy living and a key ingredient to the raw lifestyle, I have purchased a few things to help me exercise more and better, below are some:

The Big 16 = Big Protein
Not to shabby
The Running Room, sponsors this bread.  It's loaded with protein, fiber and 16 kinds of energy-loaded seeds and grains (hence the name)
Per Slice: Calories: 10,Fiber: 100, Fat: 0.1g, Protein: 6g...not to bad right?

Watch out Donovan Bailey!

I'm flat footed.  These have gels.  Last year I signed up for this August's Tough Mudder (coined as the toughest event on the naturally I HAD to do it!).  I'm starting to think I should train for it, which really erks me as I don't train for anything, I just literally do things (ask anyone!).  But if military personnel are saying the course is tough, then yaaa, better lace these bad boys up a few times before August.

So there you have it, along with the raw lifestyle, here comes some exercise to throw in the mix.

I know I haven't talked about what I've eaten lately, that'll change tomorrow...but right now, here I go, running.

March 14, 2012

Raw. Day 21

Finalllllly got around to getting some groceries!  Picked up new sprouted bread, veges and fruits.  My excitement for food has come back!

Looking forward to making fresh tomato
and fruit salsa again

There's a reason why this was bought...
that's another post on its own
The better half knows the way to my heart
- picked up this delightful treat for me

March 13, 2012

Raw. Day 20

Twenty!?!  Where did you sneak up from?

What I ate:  Smoothie for breakfast...really bad of me to do this, but since I haven't been home for a few days, I was out of all fruits and veges.  The only thing I had was a banana.  I dislike very much the taste of bananas; however, I used it in my morning smoothie but to off-set the taste, I added PB.  Good but so bad for you.  Also had oranges, and plenty of them. 
What I drank:  Water

What I wanted to eat/drink: OJ - I just didn't have any...I want to kick whatever I have away, and soon!  I also wanted a nice large salad with fresh veges and balsamic vinegrette ... it's only lunch (thought I'd get to the post earlier as I'll be out this evening) so perhaps I will get this for dinner :) (update --> I did! along with veges)

So good to see you again
Don't worry, I didn't have the dips
My thoughts:  Still a tad bit tired, but ready to take on the rest of the day!
Energy level:
7 apples / 10 apples (this should go up when I leave the office - I'm looking out to a fantastic sunny day, and I'm pumped to finish work in a few hours to enjoy it!)
Same as yesterday

Raw. Day 19

Home.  I don't want to be here.  I want to be back in Vancouver...eating.  Although I said I'm up for getting back on track, I also just am to lazy to go grocery shopping to get these fresh treats. 

What I ate:  Didn't really eat much today as I woke up feeling a bit under the weather.  I had some fruit - lots of oranges to get my vitamin C, and yup, that's about it
What I drank:
Water, and lots of it

What I wanted to eat/drink:
Soup...I would love some hearty vege soup or tomato soup to sooth my throat just about now
My thoughts:  I'm tired.  It's 3 am.  Goodnight.
Energy level:
Today, after waking up feeling blah, I'm 6 apples/10 apples.  Slept for most of the day.  I hope it's the lowest number I hit
I most definitely gained weight from my trip.  A) my ring no longer is flying off my finger and B) I can just tell...that's ok, eating all the wonderful food in VanCity was a great way to go!

Raw. Vancouver. Day 18

Homeward Bound Before my flight I picked up a veg cocktail at Jugo Juice.  It had beets, carrots, apples, celery and spinach in it.  Even when I'm able to eat cooked foods, my body is feeling as if it needs the fresh stuff.  I feel fault though as I'm sure it's b/c all I've been doing is stuffing my face since arriving here.  Glad to be going home and getting back on track!

Nom nom nom

Raw. Vancouver. Day 17

Rain rain go away, come again another day.  Today's weather was typical Vancouver weather.  I actually was told I lucked out this week since I only had to face a couple days of rain. 

Got your umbrella?
This blog isn't really about food, it's about the Vancouver Convention Centre and it's little gems.  The VCC was my office away from my office.  I was there for a few days for the Pacific Dental Convention.  THe VCC And my office back home are similar in the way that both have exquisite views (though one is slightly more superior than the other) and both have wonderful people within the walls.
Not a bad view to look out to is it?

Metropolis right outside of VCC

3D World in the lobby

My trophy case looks similar

I went on the top, not gonna lie


March 12, 2012

Raw. Vancouver. Day 16

Work Day.  Play Night.

Olymics.  In a past life I think I was a Speed Skater

Free Willy

FEAST at Nuba on Crawford
Vegan delight

Wipeout Canada fiends...blurry, like many nights in VanCity

Vegan Heaven at Panz

Mushrooms were the star in this dish

Egg rolls

Rice with "ham"

OMG, sooooo good!
Veges and "ribs"

Raw. Vancouver. Day 15

Enjoying the fab views of Van City

My eco friendly ride
Had a late lunch at Basil Pasta Bar, ordered vege galore penne pasta in a tomato sauce (I say vege galore b/c it had every vegetable known to man in it), this was sided with a fantastic green salad dressed in a light vinegrette, as well as a minestrone soup.  Not gonna lie, but it's definitely noticeable of how hot this soup was.  After not having anything cooked, warm, or hot for the past two weeks, it's really hot!  Like a burning sensation, and this was after waiting for it to cool. 

Mountain of veges at Basil Pasta Bar

Cactus Club in Richmond
Fajitas with extra fresh salsa

You know how I was saying a few posts back that you need not only to be aware of the food you put in your body but you also have to make sure to make yourself happy?  Well, I took a 10km ride around the Sea Wall and this time allowed me to think of what really makes me happy. 

Biking the Sea Wall
With Granville Island  in the background


Raw. Vancouver. Day 14

I'm in Vancouver!  I love Vancouver.  I sometimes wonder why I'm not living in Vancouver.  It's beautiful; everything about it is inspirational.  From the people, the places, the weather, to the art, culture and food!  Food, glorious food! 

I'm staying in downtown VanCity, which allows me to try fab foods...all vegan but not all raw.  Before you get mad at me for eating not raw, please remember that I did allow myself to do that well before Lent began.

Hi there Vancouver!  Good to see you again my old friend
In Granville Island

Vege pizza with pesto (no parmesan no mozz)

Canucks vs Stars

Nachos and fare

March 5, 2012

Raw. Day 13

Today was just another manic you know that song?  Hope so, otherwise, that sentence might seem off.  Anyways, because today was a bit more hectic than I wish it was, the meal choices were probably the most boring of all...sorry in advance.

What I ate:  Smoothie for breakfast.  Late lunch was a slice of bread with PB and apple.  Late late late dinner, left over "raw burger" from The Naked Sprout with a side salad.  By the time I got home I wasn't feeling like doing anything new today...  Looking back on the day I realize that I really didn't have time to snack either. 
What I drank:  I'll give you a million guesses but I'm sure you'll only need one
What I wanted to eat/drink: Anything
My thoughts: 
Something to know about me, I get bored really easily.  I'm hitting the bored phase for this right about now, hence the lack of motivation.  The rest of the week I'm in BC, hopefully I can hit up some great raw/vegan joints!
Energy level:
Even with the small food intake I'm still at a 9 apples/10 apples energy level!
: I'm a hand talker and while gesturing something at work my ring flew off my was funny up until I realized I lost a stone...oops

Until tomorrow, be well!

March 4, 2012

Raw. Day 12

Today I opened the fridge to see that I had a great variety of food to pick from!  How lucky I am!

What I ate:  Smoothie for breakfast with half an english muffin with PB.  Great way to start the day!!  I was out for most of the afternoon so I didn't really have a chance to eat lunch but I did bring some snacks with me (snacks are important to have to ensure that you will have something to eat when hungry and you can`t just stop off at a ``fast food joint``).  When I got in I made a quick dinner with what was left of my food throughout the week.  I despise wasting food!  Tonight I made lettuce wraps with various fillings.  Mushrooms, carrots, celery, beans, pickled radish and cucumbers.  It was like a salad, without being a salad per say.  My spices were my normal chili and pepper, but you can do anything with your wraps.  Literally!
What I drank:  I feel like I'm not a surprise in this department...I had my normal smoothie and water
Lettuce wraps and the varied fillings
What I wanted to eat/drink: The LCBO catalogue came out recently and today was the first time I was seeing it and because of that, I'm craving a nice full bodied red wine (preferably an Argentinian malbec) and a bowl of rich vege pasta (and I'm not normally a pasta eater, so that says a little bit)
My thoughts: 
Being raw is getting easier, thankfully.  But I should really try new recipes.  Looking forward to what the next few days/weeks have in store
Energy level:
same 9 apples/10 apples
: Still the same as last time

Until tomorrow, be well!

Raw. Daw 11

Naked Sprout - There's nothing to be bashful about being naked. 

Did I get your attention?  Does this sound interesting?  Wondering what it is?  It's not a person, it's not a sprout, it's a restaurant in Burlington, and it's a place you must try! 

I've always wanted to visit this place but never had the chance too.  Today, I got the chance and I'm glad I did.  Once you walk into the restaurant you notice the calm colours, the friendly and relaxed (in a good way) employees who are very knowledgeable with the items on the menu, a "stage", and retail area.  

Intimate seating by day. Stage by night
The place isn't that big, can seat up to 30 people, and at the rush hour (when I went) it got really busy, really fast, and because of this you will notice how small the space really is.  I didn't know that this specialty restaurant would be so popular, in Burlington of all places.

The menu.  Everything is vegan!  Raw vegan, cooked vegan, all vegan!  This is fabulous!  Hamilton doesn't have a vegan restaurant, so it's nice to know that I can go twenty minutes on the highway and get some fab fresh food.  For raw individuals, it has such a wonderful and varied selection too...much better than Fresh on Spadina. 

What I ate:  The raw choices varied from salads, rawlasgna, pizza (this was sold out), and noodles.  I picked the raw special of the day.  A raw burger on an onion "bun" topped with sauerkraut, micro greens, carrots and various sauces.  The look, appealing.  The taste, different.  Definitely not like something I've had before.  Everything was raw friendly, and because of that, the texture was different.  A good different.  The bread was dehydrated but the onions were still moist.  The "bun" was actually flavoured nicely, not as oniony as one would expect.  The burger itself: I don't know exactly what was used to make it, but it was surprisingly nice.  The texture was like a falafel, the taste was nutty.  The sauerkraut was fresh and yummy, like the other veges on the burger.  The sauces were a great accompaniment as well - I wish I knew what they were.  A mix between thousand island dressing and sour cream.  I tried to eat it like a burger, but that proved difficult and messy, so out came the knife and fork.  The burger wasn't big, but it was filling (I was even able to bring a tiny portion home). 
Raw burger
Up close and personal

If only the slice was larger
Then it was time for my favourite part of a meal, dessert.  When it comes to dessert, you can't do wrong with a cheesecake.  To get to my heart, make me a cheesecake.  Although I like most of them, my all time favourite would have to be strawberry cheesecake.  Yum yum yum!!!  For the past few days, or at least since Lent began, my dessert has been fruit - good and healthy but sometimes you just need something sinfully delicious.  The Naked Sprout has four raw desserts, two of which are cheesecake.  It was definitely a hard choice between the two, but because they ran out of one, the choice got easier.  So I had the vanilla cheesecake with berry coulis.  It had a nut/seed crust with cashew cheese filling flavoured with lemon juice, agave, coconut oil, coconut butter and vanilla.  The texture was not like regular cheesecakes; instead of being a smooth filling, the cashew cheese crumbled in your mouth.  The lemon juice was strong, so if you don't like lemon, I'd stay away.  The berry coulis (sauce) was as if they just smashed some berries in the back and put it on the plate, which was lovely as it didn't seem processed and it wasn't overly sweet.  The cheesecake and the coulis made a delightful partnership, and this was the best part of the meal bar none.  Although the piece of cake was over priced ($8 for a slice that could have been bigger) it is the one thing that would make me want to go back to the restaurant.  Next time I do go, I hope the pumpkin cheesecake is there.  My mouth is watering right now as I'm thinking about it...

To get more information about the restaurant, visit their site at:

Until tomorrow, be well!
No surprises here. Behind the scenes,
you can see what's being done with your food

Double Digits

TGIF!!!  At the end of the week I'm tried, so the last thing I want to do is make something grand.  So I, shameless to say, didn't really do much regarding to meals today.  Breakfast and lunch was the same, and what I did for dinner was add a little asian flavour to my meal.  I added seaweed to not only my sandwich but also to my salad.  Seaweed has a distinct flavour which definitely adds a kick to your meal.

There are different types of seaweed out there all with different flavours.  For those who may be iffy about eating this try starting with nori.  Nori has a mild taste to it, and is often used in sushi restaurants.  You'll like it, trust me!

Nori paper
Other types of seaweed are:
  • Konbu - This is very dark green, almost black, and more rubbery in texture. Used for 'dashi' (basic stock) and in nimono. Sometimes eaten with rice as shio-konbu, which is dried and salted, either in small squares or in thin strands - more of an 'acquired taste', rather like 'Marmite' or licorice.
  • Wakame - This type of seaweed is usually in the form of thin pieces, mid-green and not too strong, often eaten in misoshiru (soup) or pickled with vegetables like thin slices of cucumber in rice vinegar and a little sugar.
  • Hijiki - Thin, black strands, sometimes fried (in sesame oil or vegetable oil). You can add thin matchstick size pieces of carrot and/or bean curd and served as a side dish.

All of these are packed full of nutrients like vitamins A, C and B12.  They are also full of protien and of course, taste!

What I ate:  Surprise suprise, a smoothie for breakfast.  Easy and so good and it ties me over until lunch.  Lunch was a salad.  Dinner was an open faced vege english muffin topped with my salad (see what I mean about being to tired to make anything?)
What I drank:  Smoothie and water
What I wanted to eat/drink:
It's not like I wanted to have something different, I enjoyed what I ate, but if I was a bit more motivated, I'm sure I could have made something a bit more interesting for dinner
My thoughts: 
Nori makes everything can also use them to wrap your veges and have a handroll
Energy level:
9 apples/10 apples
: Lost a bit of weight...eeeeep.  Not really noticeable though, phew!  Also, the ring that I wear on my right ring finger seems like it may fall off, uh oh

A little nori makes everything hunky-dory
Until tomorrow, be well!

(Seaweed info from:

Raw. Day 9

What a pickle.  Today I pickled some fruits and veges.  Such a super easy process - chop thinly, put in container, add vinegar and spices to your liking, close lid, marinate.  See, easy!  What you have in a short time is delicious pickled fruits and veges.  Pick and choose what you want and get ready for a taste explosion.

I chose
to pickle radishes and cucumbers (even though I still think of them as a vegetable, in essence cucumbers are a fruit).  If you are fond of Asian cuisine than you more than likely have had these already.  They usually accompany Viet entrees, are Korean sides or Filipino snacks.  These radishes and cucumbers have a sweet yet tartiness to them that will make you want to re-open the container again and again.

Ready to be pickled
There are various ways to pickle, here was my sweet tart recipe:
  • Like i mentioned above, cut veges thinly, place in container 
  • add vinegar (white or apple cider) and then sugar (adjust to taste)
  • put the lid on (tightly) and shake
  • store in the fridge
Pickled wonders

These veges can last for about a week and they are ready when they taste perfect to you!

There are tonnnns of pickle recipes out there; sweet, savoury, spicy, dill...depending on what you like, there's something out there for you!  Again, pickling is very easy to do and what comes out is mouthwatering.  So go ahead, and try it out!