January 14, 2013

My 365 Day Challenge

A few days ago, my best friend sent me this link, 365thingsin365days.  Knowing the person I am, someone who is outgoing but shy, someone who is adventurous but timid, someone who will try something at least once, she thought I should do a similar project.  I agreed, and I am!

The 365 things you find on my challenge/experience/adventure list are things that I have yet to do in my life, or things where at one point I said "I'll do later", or things that freak me out (eg. getting a pedicure...I dislike feet) but will do!  They may seem simple, but that
s because Ive already tackled the big ticket items you’d normally see in other people’s “bucket lists”.  I’ve bungee jumped, sky dived, walked the CN Tower Edge Walk, Polar Bear dipped, done obstacle races, I’ve eaten bugs, been in love, bought my own place, travelled independently to various places in the world, been on a reality tv game show; I’ve done the big and the bad and I know the small and the useless.  But there are soooo many other things I still have yet to do, to eat, to see, to learn, to try.  Let me be clear, this is not a bucket list, this is just my challenge/experience/adventure list!

This 365 list:
- as simple and random as it is, is a list that will take me out of my comfort zone…I mean really, who wants to sing in public? Or have their feet touched by strangers?
- is a collaboration of things my friends and family suggested, and some items  are added with the idea in mind that they will be crossed off with these certain people :)
- was started yesterday, Sunday January 13, 2013 and will hopefully have everything crossed off by Sunday January 12, 2014
- is also a way to live my final 20th year in a fun and adventurous way and it will let me ring in my 3rd decade on earth with a fabulous bang!

My rules:
- to complete my 365 list!
- each day doesn't have to have something checked off it; I can check off more than one item off the list in one day

I’m looking forward to this year!!!  Aren't you?

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  1. you should have said your hot friend sent you a link ;)